On Inuit Cinema


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Inuit TakugatsaliuKatiget
By Mark David Turner

272 pages

Stories about Inuit cinema, centring on the people involved in its creation.

Since the invention of moving pictures, countless Inuit have worked in front of and behind the camera. The diversity and complexity of this body of work makes capturing and conveying its full scale a challenge.

Together with Inuit filmmakers, media advocates, and producers, as well as with their collaborators, colleagues, and families, Inuit TakugatsaliuKatiget | On Inuit Cinema begins an important and overdue conversation.  

Composed of interviews, new writing, a catalogue of moments in the history of Inuit cinema, and a filmography of 500 films and televisions shows both about and by Inuit, Inuit TakugatsaliuKatiget | On Inuit Cinema tells a story about Inuit cinema that centres on the people involved in its creation.

This book is essential reading for students, scholars, and all readers interested in Inuit, Indigenous and circumpolar media.

Contributors: Sarah Abel · asinnajaq · Kat Baulu · Marie-Hélène Cousineau · Inuk Silis Høegh · Madeline Ivalu · Blandina Makkik · Stephen Agluvak Puskas · Lucy Tulugarjuk · Jobie Weetaluktuk · Fran Williams