Allan King: Filmmaker


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by Seth Feldman
148 pages
Published by the Toronto International Film Festival

For nearly half a century, Allan King has changed the way film and television show us the world. Warrendale, banned from Canadian television in one of the most infamous censorship battles of the 1960s, took its place alongside other landmarks of direct cinema by such filmmakers as D.A. Pennebaker, the Maysles brothers and Frederick Wiseman.

While considered to be one of the great documentarians, King is also renowned as a key pioneer of the Canadian feature film industry. His work has been described by critics as “shattering, illuminating and unforgettable” — Judith Crist, “stunning and, in some ways ruthless” — Vincent Canby, and “magnificent” — Newsweek.

The first and only publication to examine King’s entire body of work, Allan King: Filmmaker provides an extensive analysis of the life and work of one Canada’s most significant and provocative filmmakers. Includes an interview with the director and a filmography and bibliography.