Ben Wheatley: Confusion and Carnage (by Adam Nayman)

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Few contemporary directors have burst onto the scene with the speed and showmanship of Ben Wheatley, whose five films to date – including the cult hit Kill List (2011) and the psychedelic Medieval midnight movie A Field in England (2013) – daringly combine avant-garde techniques with grindhouse violence and a wicked sense of humor. A genuinely independent filmmaker with a tight-knit group of regular collaborators, Wheatley has established himself as a brand name in contemporary British cinema and with his new adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s brutal science-fiction novel High Rise, he is to break through on the international stage.  By meticulously examining the themes and visual style of Wheatley’s films and connecting them to the history of British genre cinema – including such classics as The Wicker Man (1971) and Don’t Look Now (1974) Nayman places this unique filmmaker in a larger context while arguing for his early inclusion into the canon. In addition to being the first book-length study of its subject’s work, Ben Wheatley: Confusion and Carnage also features an all-new interview with Ben Wheatley.